My Mama Does, Too!

Lily Days (Volume 1)

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I am passionately pro mama and baby, and truly want to support them with gentleness and love.

I have been many things during my life, a mama, a daughter, a grandma, a teacher and now an author.  I love writing supportive, gentle stories for Littles to explain difficult situations using beautiful illustrations and authentic words.  I also wish to reassure mamas that they aren't alone in their worries for their sweet angel babies, and that if they listen to their intuitions, they will make the right decisions.

My Book

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My Mama Does, Too! (Lily Days) (Volume 1)

My Mama Does, Too! (Lily Days) (Volume 1)

This book is a colorful, engaging read for mamas and babies.  With darling characters, brilliant pictures, and gentle humor,  the daycare dilemma is happily resolved.